Uniform Policy

At Christopher House Elementary School, scholars take pride in their appearance. Scholars are required to wear all components of the regulation school uniform each day. Uniforms are to be clean, well fitting, presentable, and in good condition (shirts are free of stains, all buttons on shirts and pants are intact, zippers on skirts and pants are working, etc.). Students must arrive to school in uniform and remain in their uniforms throughout the school day. A student who fails to meet the dress code guidelines may call home to retrieve the appropriate uniform.

The required uniform for all scholars at Christopher House Elementary is as follows.

  • White polo shirt (short or long sleeved).
  • All shirts must be tucked securely into pants or skirts.
  • Note: Undershirts worn under uniform shirts/blouses may only be white, may not have any logos or designs that show through the shirt, and must be tucked in.
  • A navy vest with the Christopher House logo must be worn by all scholars over their short- or long-sleeved white polo shirt. This vest must be purchased through Christopher House.
  • Khaki pants/slacks fitted and worn at the waist. Only 2 side pockets are allowed.
  • Khaki shorts fitted and worn at the waist. Only 2 side pockets are allowed. May be worn when it is 80 degrees or above.
  • Note: No cargo pants or cell phone pockets; no skinny or tight pants.
Skirt or Skort(skirt with built-in shorts)
  • Girls may opt to wear a khaki skirt. The skirt must be purchased from Zemsky’s uniform store.
  • Length of skirt may not rise more than 3 inches above the knee all the way around the skirt.
  • Belts are recommended, but are not required. If a belt is worn with pants, it must be black or brown and fastened securely around the waist.
  • Solid navy blue sweaters or cardigans that are free of striping or other color designs may be worn.
  • Hoodies are strictly prohibited.
  • Sweaters should be clearly labeled with the student’s name on the inside tag.
  • Solid black or brown business-type shoes or solid black or white gym shoes (with little color) may be worn with matching shoe strings (black or white).
  • No sandals of any kind.
  • Shoes with laces must be tied securely.
  • Heels may not be above a half inch in height.
  • Boots of any kind may not be worn during the school day. Students must bring a pair of school shoes to change into.
  • Cold-weather boots may be worn to and from school and during recess.
  • Students must bring their uniform shoes to wear during the school day when cold-weather boots are worn to and from school.
  • Solid white, black, brown, or navy blue socks or stockings may be worn.
  • Note: Socks or stockings must be worn every day irrespective of weather or fashion trends.

Physical Education (PE) uniforms are required to be worn on the student’s assigned PE day.

  • Solid navy blue t-shirts (long- or short-sleeved)
  • Solid navy sweatpants/shorts.
  • Solid navy blue sweatshirts.
  • Note: Hooded sweatshirts/hoodies are expressly prohibited.
  • Primarily all-black or all-white gym shoes may be worn; no wheels.
  • Laces must be secured.
  • Solid white or back shoestrings.
  • Students will be doing rigorous physical activity, so appropriate shoes should be provided.
  • Solid white or navy socks.

The following dress code restrictions will also be enforced.

  • Excessive hairstyles are not allowed (i.e. patterned shavings in hair, Mohawks).
  • Unnatural tints of hair (i.e. blue, pink, purple, etc.) are prohibited.
  • Designs of any kind in hair or eyebrows are not allowed.
  • Makeup is strictly prohibited.
  • No body glitter will be allowed.
  • Oversized and excessive amounts of jewelry are prohibited (this includes rubber bracelets, silly bands, bangles, etc.).
  • Dangling earring are prohibited for safety reasons.
  • Body jewelry of any kind is not allowed.
  • Only female students may wear stud earrings.
  • Tattoos are prohibited.
  • Hats must be removed before entering the school building.
  • No false nails, including acrylic, press-on nails.
  • No fluorescent nail colors or distracting designs.