After-School Enrichment

Christopher House’s early childhood and youth development department’s aim is to nurture each child’s development and growth across all domains in a holistic manner by using developmentally appropriate practices and creating joyful, meaningful, playful experiences and environments.  It is our goal to forge a strong relationship with each child within the context of their family, community, and culture to develop mindset of loving to learn that supports the skills of critical thinking, curiosity, communication and creativity and promotes lifelong learning.

Our After-School program at the Christopher House Elementary School surround children currently enrolled in the school (kindergarten and first grade) with people who appreciate and accept them. We provide opportunities outside of school for students to learn, develop interests, and foster relationships with their peers.


The Christopher House staff program:

  • Provides young people with a safe and structured educational environment
  • Provides opportunities to work on homework with a low teacher:student ratio
  • Strives to meet best practices and tracks program outcomes to ensure continual progress
  • Promotes critical skills such in areas key to life-long success, such as problem solving, persistence, and teamwork
  • Offers opportunities for exploring a wide variety of interests which staff identify in the children, such as cooking, music, writing and more
  • Sets high expectations for success by helping children and parents set and track goals and provides the support and guidance needed for children to reach their goals
  • Promotes strong communication with parents by regularly communicating with them and inviting participation
  • Enables community parents to work full-time knowing that their children are safe

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