Professional Development at Christopher House Elementary School

At Christopher House Elementary School we are dedicated to nurturing the skills and talents of our staff to maximize their impact on children and families. Teachers are supported through frequent observations and coaching sessions that increase their instructional effectiveness and maximize student achievement results. Teachers work collaboratively to develop UbD unit plans, develop differentiated weekly plans, execute and reflect on lessons. Below are examples of the ways that we provide professional development to our staff.

  • Professional Development takes place every Friday from 1:30-4:00 p.m.
  • 4 quarterly early-release half-days to begin each quarter with targeted PD
  • Staff are provided with a stipend to identify their own professional development opportunities
  • Teachers are provided four- 50 minute planning periods per week with their grade-level team
  • 2 weeks of staff development prior to the school opening, one of which is designed individually with the principal and each staff member to meet their needs
  • In-Service/Agency Wide PD
  • Emerging Leaders Training Series
  • Peer Observation and Collaboration
  • Administrative team members are experienced and skilled educators and instructional coaches
  • Ongoing feedback and coaching using the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching