Building Our Future

Christopher House Elementary School is committed to helping every student who enters our doors achieve his or her full potential. Our rigorous college preparatory curriculum develops critical thinkers who will succeed in high school, college, and beyond.
We are committed to a world-class education that nurtures every child to become an inspired leader, a well-rounded individual and contributing member of a global society. Our instructional program is highly differentiated and rigorous. We identify each child’s strengths and establish individualized learning plans for them. We believe in using data to drive measurable progress.
A culture of achievement permeates our school. Scholars are taught that their effort and attitude directly correlates to their achievement, and they are recognized and celebrated for their hard work and academic success. Our scholars believe that they will go to and succeed in college. Each classroom is named after a University and children as young as kindergarten visit a college.

We help children succeed in the classroom and in life through programs that enhance their cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.