Specialized Services

Christopher House strives to be inclusive of all and responsive to the needs of each individual student and family. We provide a variety of services tailored to our students’ needs.

Diverse Learners

An inclusive model of of supporting our Diverse Learners mainstreams students to the fullest extent possible. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed to address each child’s unique needs. The Christopher House philosophy supports a belief that students can be served in a general educational setting to the degree it serves their special needs and allows for the natural progression of the general education program. Christopher House hosts a special services team to assist general educators in meeting students’ complex, individual needs.

English Language Learners

We provide two English Language Learner teachers to support both our K-1st and 2nd-3rd grade bands. This allows our teachers to provide more individualized instruction to support students at their current level of English acquisition. Our ELL teachers plan and instruct alongside our general education and Diverse Learner teachers to ensure all students feel supported and included in all areas of the curriculum. Our ELL teachers are both Spanish-speaking and provide native language support to our Spanish-speaking students as appropriate, supporting our philosophy of cultural respect and relevance in our curriculum.