Grading Scale

Report Cards

Parents will receive progress reports and report cards that track their child’s or children’s academic performance. The school will notify parents of opportunities to review scholar work and discuss strategies and interventions towards meeting the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts and Math, the Next Generation Science Standards and Illinois Learning Standards in Social Studies, and scholar promotion.

The School Visitation Rights Act affords employed parents/guardians who are unable to meet with educators because of a work conflict the right to time off from work under certain conditions to attend necessary school functions such as parent-teacher conferences. Letters verifying participation in this program are available from the school office upon request.

The Christopher House grading system is designed to fairly and accurately represent a scholar’s learning within a quarter. It includes both summative assessments, which show a scholar’s mastery of grade-level standards (Interim Assessments, Unit Assessments) and more formative assessments that represent both a scholar’s developing mastery and his or her effort toward meeting grade-level standards (weekly quizzes, projects, exit tickets, etc.).

Grading Scale










67% and below



For promotion, scholars are expected to perform at grade level and have passing grades in all subjects. Scholars performing significantly below grade level and achieving inadequate results on standardized assessments may be retained.

Any child who is not prepared to exit a grade level will not be permitted to continue to the next grade until he or she has attained adequate achievement in the present grade.

Scholars who receive a final grade of “D” will be required to attend summer school.

Scholars who receive a final grade of “F” in reading and/or mathematics will not be promoted to the following grade. They will receive one of two possible classifications:

  1. A scholar must pass summer school to be promoted to the next grade level. Summer school absence of more than 1 day will result in automatic retention. Tuition may be charged for summer school attendance.
  2. A scholar must be retained in his or her present grade for the following year. Summer school is not required, but is strongly recommended.

Please be aware that scholar classification is the final decision of the principal.

*** Minimum satisfactory growth or attainment on CCSS-aligned benchmark assessments (grades K-8), NWEA (grades 3-8), and STEP Assessment (K-3) will be required for promotion to the next grade level ***