Arts Integration & Physical Education

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Arts Integration

Our teachers seek out the natural points of integration for the arts and the academic curriculum to provide students a rich learning experience with opportunities for performance-based activities and assessment. This innovative approach provides our students whole-child, arts-integrated learning experiences throughout the curriculum. By seeking the natural points of arts within our curriculum, the learning experience is richer and more cohesive than a traditional “arts on the side” approach. It also allows for more performance-based assessments that give our scholars the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in many different forms. Through the years, students will develop skills, knowledge, understanding, and attitudes to carry with them through their lives.


Christopher House Elementary School believes strongly in educating the whole child and in learning as a multi-sensory experience. This means we pay special attention to maximizing creative and critical thinking skills. Children are given art and music experiences starting in kindergarten. Music is taught explicitly to each class twice per week. We believe that our fine arts experiences are vital to the full cognitive, social and emotional development of each child.

Physical Education

Our school also provides Physical Education classes twice per week. Our Physical Education teacher uses the SPARK curriculum, a research-based program that allows for maximum movement-based learning. SPARK has been honored as an Exemplary Program of the U.S. Department of Education; featured in the Surgeon General’s Report as a “School-based solution to our nation’s healthcare crisis;” earned a “Governor’s Commendation;” and in 2005, was awarded “Gold” (highest ranking) for their elementary and middle school PE programs in an independent study commissioned by the Cooper Institute. SPARK is the ONLY program to earn “PE Gold” grades K-8.