Curriculum Overview

We are committed to a world-class education that nurtures every child to become an inspired leader, a well-rounded individual, and a contributing member of a global society. Our instructional program is highly differentiated and rigorous. We assess each child’s strengths and establish individualized learning plans for every scholar. Data-driven instruction permeates all levels of the school.

We focus strongly on a college preparatory curriculum and promote a disciplined but supportive learning environment over a longer school year with longer school days. Our scholars will be prepared to succeed in high school, in college, and in life.

Adhering to the current educational practice of meeting students’ individual needs, Christopher House Elementary School Teachers are highly trained to plan a broad spectrum of activities that respond to a broad range of learners.

Differentiated Learning Goals

  • Recognize differences in students’ learning strengths, styles, interests, and paces
  • Provide challenging, meaningful activities for all students
  • Provide equal opportunity for all students to develop potential and skills for success
  • Meet varying needs of students by matching instruction to child
  • Integrate higher-level learning within the general standards-based curriculum
  • Encourage teachers to continue their own education and training for understanding and supporting differentiation using data
  • Provide a nurturing environment that is conducive to higher-level questioning and discussions
  • Promote excellence in instructional decision-making
  • Transform potential into production
  • Learn persistence, organizational skills, and study skills to maximize student potential