School Community

Building Our Community

At Christopher House Elementary School our goal is to provide a learning environment that encourages scholars to be courteous with others, responsible for their actions, active participants in the learning process and respectful to themselves and others. It is our intent to assist and teach each child to attempt all tasks to the best of his or her ability. In a positive and safe school environment scholars can learn about themselves and continue to develop those skills needed to be responsible citizens.

The positive learning environment at Christopher House Elementary School is promoted in part by a structure that:

  1. Allows all scholars the opportunity of uninterrupted learning time
  2. Provides reasonable expectations
  3. Encourages scholars to demonstrate problem solving skills
  4. Utilizes natural, logical, and appropriate consequences

Christopher House Elementary School expects all scholars to conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner.  In order to create and maintain a strong and cooperative school community, we have defined clear behavioral expectations and implemented community-building strategies in the classroom and school-wide.  We stress positive recognition of appropriate behavior and consequences for inappropriate behavior.  Our rules and regulations are meant to create a strong, supportive and rigorous learning community. Above all, it is our intention that Christopher House Elementary School be a safe and healthy place that fosters learning for all of our scholars, and a bond between our parents, scholars, and school community.

The Christopher House Code of Conduct applies to the actions of scholars during school hours, before and after school, while on school property, at all Christopher House sponsored events, and when the actions affect the mission of Christopher House.  Scholars may also be subject to discipline for serious acts of misconduct, which occur either off-campus or during non-school hours, when the misconduct disrupts the orderly education process at Christopher House.

Disciplinary measures are used to maintain a safe and orderly school environment.  The staff at Christopher House establishes high expectations for scholar success, builds positive relationships with scholars and teaches and models for scholars how to behave successfully in all settings.

Click here for our Christopher House Elementary School Code of Conduct.