Principal’s Message

20150220 0064AWelcome to Christopher House Elementary School where we strive to create a school climate in which children, teachers, and parents find a sense of community, experience the warmth of friendship, and are inspired to view learning as a lifelong process. For more than 100 years, the Christopher House mission has been to strengthen and empower children and their families by providing a continuum of educational and human services. Our integrated web of support services helps build thriving families by equipping them with the tools they need to become self-sufficient and progress in their social, emotional, educational, and economic development. In the fall of 2013, Christopher House built on its portfolio of early learning centers and expanded our transformative culture into a birth to eighth grade school, creating an unprecedented collaboration between early childhood and elementary educators as well as family support programs.

Our School Mission

Christopher House Elementary School’s mission is to develop independent, creative, lifelong learners in a school where scholars, teachers and parents form a community committed to excellence, perseverance, personal responsibility and compassion. The school’s rigorous college prep curriculum develops critical thinkers who will succeed in high school, college and beyond.


  • They have access to a high quality education
  • Their parents can support them financially and emotionally
  • Professionally trained teachers know them as individuals
  • Education begins at birth with parents as the first teacher and continues through life
  • Data is the basis for evaluating educational outcomes and program adjustments
  • The adults in their lives have high standards and set high expectations


Our Values


We are committed to a world-class education that nurtures every child to become an inspired leader, a well-rounded individual and a contributing member of a global society. Our instructional program is highly differentiated and rigorous. We access each child’s strengths and establish individualized learning plans for them. Data driven instruction permeates all levels of the school. Beginning in kindergarten, scholars look at their interim assessment data, making goals for their own achievement, which they each discuss with the principal. Teachers use the data to inform differentiation in the classroom. Ongoing grade level team meetings and Friday staff development days allow teachers to collaboratively analyze data and plan accordingly.


We have a strong focus on a college preparatory curricula and promoting a disciplined, but supportive learning environment over a longer school year with longer school days. Our scholars will be prepared to succeed in high school, college, and in life.

To help a child reach their full potential for success, we provide them with the skills and experiences that teach them to overcome obstacles and encounter challenges with perseverance. The goal is to develop self-motivated learners who see challenges as opportunities to grow and improve themselves.


Scholars, staff and family work together to create a caring community of learners who feel safe, welcome, and valued. We recognize that parents and scholars encounter challenges. Children are taught to support one another in the context of their learning community. In addition, parents and families are offered support services during times of need (i.e. food pantry, emergency assistance).

By teaching essential life skills, building caring relationships and modeling respectful behavior, Christopher House Elementary School team members create a context for learning that support the development of all scholars as empathetic, self-aware, and socially responsible citizens.


The fundamental belief at Christopher House Elementary School is that all children have the right to attend schools in which they can progress and learn. They shall have a real opportunity to learn equally rigorous content. We hold our school accountable to the same standards as those of the highest performing schools in our state.

Our scholars come to us with varying degrees of tangible academic skill, but the common thread for these scholars is a willingness and desire to work hard; to learn in a caring, nurturing environment; to embrace the vision that they can attain college admission; and to build on their inherent strengths to achieve these goals.

If a child cannot learn the way we teach, then we must learn to teach the way the child can learn. Christopher House Elementary School will work with the parents and the community to mold successful leaders for our global society.

On behalf of the staff and board of directors at Christopher House, we look forward to working with your family. It is an honor and privilege to serve as the principal of Christopher House Elementary School. My goal is to provide the highest educational experience in the safest, most nurturing environment possible.

Kristin Novy
Christopher House Elementary School